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什么是Gartner Peer Insights: Gartner Peer Insights 是IT专业人员和技术决策者编写和阅读的IT软件和服务的评测分析平台,目标是帮助IT领导者做出更具洞察力的购买决策。不同于 Gartner 魔力象限报告,Gartner Peer Insights的评选角度十分特别,即以客户对厂商的评价,以实际购买、实施和(或)使用产品或服务的最终用户专业人员的反馈和评分作为评选依据,因此也被认为是业界最专业、最具公信力的报告之一。为确保评选的公平可信,Gartner 保持严格的标准来甄选供应商。

对于网络访问控制市场,Gartner Peer Insights在截至8月31日的12个月期间发表了611篇评论和评级。关于Aruba的评论,您可以在Gartner Peer Insights看到:

  • Don’t always think Cisco, Aruba is a class leader!!…We needed a lower-cost solution without losing functionality. Aruba is still gaining market share and was willing to meet our price point and provide a replacement solution that met our needs!
  • Once You Use ClearPass, Every Other NAC Feels Like An Amateur Built It… ClearPass was a daunting product at first but after working with it for a few months and attending live training at Aruba Atmosphere, I feel like it’s a tool I couldn’t live without.
  • Aruba ClearPass Access Give You Insight Like No Other Company Can Do For You We needed an enterprise level wireless mobility solution to support thousands of devices on the network at any given time. Aruba was the clear leader in this realm. Since we’ve added their ClearPass access management to our system, this has given us intel on our users’ and has shown us where we may have some dead spots or vulnerabilities in our setup. We really value the ClearPass solution to give us just in time data to help our users to have great experience, 24/7
  • Clearpass is a great solution to profile and secure end points in a mixed environment We have a mixed vendor environment and Clearpass can easily work with Cisco, Brocade, etc as it can with their own HPE hardware.
  • ClearPass is the perfect balance between security, user AND admin friendly !!!!!!… Aruba ClearPass has enhanced the students and visitor’s experience on our Wi-Fi while keeping our Institution network safe and with reliable data to analyze trends and troubleshoot network issues when any… Easy to use, reliable, it ALWAYS WORKS !!!!!! In one weekend our students registered close to 2,000 devices with no issues, iPads, personal cell phones, TVs, etc.