最近发现部分从ClearPass 5.0, 5.1或者5.2升级而来的CP-HW-5K和CP-HW-25K在升级到6.7.10或者6.8后发生无法启动的故障,以下内容帮助您确认您的ClearPass服务器是否可能受到这一故障的影响,以及如何应对。


1) 2011年底至2013年初,出厂时预装ClearPass 5.0, 5.1或者5.2版本的CP-HW-5K (Dell R210 II)
2)2011年底至2013年初,出厂时预装ClearPass 5.0, 5.1或者5.2版本的CP-HW-25K (Dell R610)
这一故障不涉及到所有出厂时预装ClearPass 6.x的平台,以及所有的虚拟机平台


  1. Open the ClearPass Policy Manager Admin UI and go to Administration > Server Manager > Server Configuration.
  2. Click Collect Logs (assuming a single appliance), or select an appliance and click Collect Logs.
  3. In the field labeled Output file name type in a filename you will remember; (.tar.gz extension will be added).
  4. Under Collect the following logs, uncheck all boxes except for System logs.
  5. Click Start. The Collect Logs window opens.
  6. When the collection process is complete, click the Download File button.
  7. Save the file to a location you can easily access.
  8. Navigate to the location you saved the logs package in. This is the filename with a .tar.gz extension that you previously specified in Step 3.
  9. Open the logs package. This may require a third-party tool to open the .tar.gz package.
  10. Open the SystemLogs folder.
  11. Open the mem-info.txt file. This requires a .txt editor such as Notepad or TextEdit.
  12. Scroll to the bottom of the file and you should see a list under a header that says Partition Labels – for example:

Partition labels:

/dev/sda1: LABEL=”/boot” UUID=”a263479e-118b-45e3-8628-aef4d9ab77cb” TYPE=”ext3″

/dev/sda2: LABEL=”/image2″ UUID=”6d4a85bd-07ee-435e-b529-ec795c65023c” TYPE=”ext4″

/dev/sda3: LABEL=”/image1″ UUID=”fe84c32a-717f-48b7-80a8-7a78aa46be82″ TYPE=”ext4″

/dev/sda5: LABEL=”SWAP-sda5″ TYPE=”swap”

/dev/sda6: LABEL=”/shared” UUID=”3a57ebfe-8c1d-4ac9-80c1-bbe112a0a1d7″ TYPE=”ext3″

重要提示:如果上述Label中有任何一行显示有 TYPE=”ext3″的内容,请不要升级这台ClearPass服务器到6.7.10或者6.8.0版本